#LipalaDance: Obama Breaks Out Some Smooth Moves in Kenya


It's no state secret at this point that, President Barack Obama has some smooth dance moves. (He’s no Michelle, but he CAN groove) He put those moves to the test during two-day trip to Kenya when he performed the Lipala Saturday night at ... See the Rest

Channing Tatum Busts 7 Fabulous Dance Moves for Vanity Fair

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.32.22 PM

On the set of his Vanity Fair photo shoot, Channing spontaneously gave everyone a quickie dance lesson, breaking down the seven moves everyone should know. His Funky Chicken is surprisingly fresh, and his Hula shockingly sensual, but it's the ... See the Rest

Fierce Little Tap-Dancer Absolutely Channels Aretha Franklin in Hilarious Viral Video

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.22.08 AM

And the countdown 'till she appears on Ellen starts in three... two... one... The audience went WILD when little Johanna Colon took center stage at her tap recital in North Carolina this past weekend, shaking her head, snapping her fingers, ... See the Rest

Bollywood Lip Sync: This Indian Bear Does A KILLER Pinki Dance!

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What's a pinki dance? I'm not THAT familiar with Bollywood dances and all the moves but it doesn't take an expert to see this guy's got them DOWN. Maybe he needs to be an advisor on a future RuPaul's Drag Race challenge... can't you see it? What's more over the top than Bollywood ... See the Rest

Just Dance: Dancing Guy Videobombs News Reporter

Video thumbnail for youtube video Just Dance: Dancing Man Videobombs News Reporter - World of Wonder

Cute boy dancing in the rubble of a smashed-up convenience store. Wait for it. ... See the Rest

1967: Joanie Sommers and the Ski Lodge Dancers!

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ladies and Gentlemen, Joanie Sommers and the Ski Lodge Dancers... - World of Wonder

Some fashion tips and new dance moves for your upcoming holiday parties. You're welcome. (T/Y Berns) ... See the Rest

Bust a Move: Three Videos of Your Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston Dancing

Video thumbnail for youtube video Bust a Move: Three Videos of Your Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston Dancing - World of Wonder

First up, Hiddles wows the crowd in South Korea with his astonishing dance moves. YOU WILL GASP. Then last week on Britain's Chatty Man show, he again proved he's THE WORLD'S MOST PERFECT MAN. And finally, here he is at the Thor 2 premiere in Hollywood, where he and your other ... See the Rest

The Best Cinematic Ballroom Scene: Anna Karenina vs Madam Bovary

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It's a battle royale between the most wanton women of the 19th century: Anna Karenina vs Madame Bovary. Up first is that unrepentant hussy Anna. In the 2012 movie version, she and the soul-squashingly debonaire Count Vronsky take an erotically-charged spin around the dance floor ... See the Rest