Fun with Autumn Leaves

After gathering 1,462 garbage bags of leaves, a bunch of cute boys built a 17-foot pile into which they gleefully did backflips off the roof of their house. ... See the Rest

Boybander Collapses at Airport After Wearing All His Clothes to Avoid Extra Baggage Fee

When an airport ticketing agent told James McElvar (from the the Scottish boyband Rewind) he had too many bags and would “either have to pay a £45 fee to get them on the ... See the Rest

The Liam Payne Gun Show

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Hello There: Cute Boys Perform The Book of Mormon‘s “Hello!”

Five cute boys, stuck in a van with nothing much to do, decide to reenact The Book of Mormon's opening number, because why not? Says a commenter on Towleroad: ... See the Rest

That’s So Gay: Kingis Ice Cream Commercial from Finland

(via Boy Culture) ... See the Rest

Trailer Trash: Here Comes Hemlock Grove!

“The following trailer is restricted to Mature Audiences only by Netflix Inc,” reads the opening card, “for Mild Fornication, Fellatio, Heavy Cocaine Use, Lesbian Necrophilia, and Violent Hemorrhaging.” And just like that, I'm hooked! Netflix's new 13-episode horror series, ... See the Rest

Snapz!: The Boys of IM5

America's answer to One Direction, IM5 (feel free to groan), posed backstage before the Rocking ... See the Rest

Why, It’s Two of Our Favorite Things: Ryan Gosling in a Macaulay Culkin T-Shirt

From the See the Rest