The Liam Payne Gun Show


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Hello There: Cute Boys Perform The Book of Mormon‘s “Hello!”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Hello There: Cute Boys Perform <i>The Book of Mormon</i>'s "Hello!" - World of Wonder

Five cute boys, stuck in a van with nothing much to do, decide to reenact The Book of Mormon's opening number, because why not? Says a commenter on Towleroad: "The line between Mormon missionaries, chorus boys, and gay porn is so thin sometimes..."   ... See the Rest

That’s So Gay: Kingis Ice Cream Commercial from Finland

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Trailer Trash: Here Comes Hemlock Grove!

Video thumbnail for youtube video Trailer Trash: Here Comes <i>Hemlock Grove</i>! - World of Wonder

“The following trailer is restricted to Mature Audiences only by Netflix Inc,” reads the opening card, “for Mild Fornication, Fellatio, Heavy Cocaine Use, Lesbian Necrophilia, and Violent Hemorrhaging.” And just like that, I'm hooked! Netflix's new 13-episode horror series, ... See the Rest

Snapz!: The Boys of IM5

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America's answer to One Direction, IM5 (feel free to groan), posed backstage before the Rocking City Walk in LA, Sunday afternoon. Fans started lining up at 5 AM to catch a glimpse of the Crooner, the One with the Wacky Style, the Goofy Little Brother, and the Sad-Eyed Hunk. I ... See the Rest

Why, It’s Two of Our Favorite Things: Ryan Gosling in a Macaulay Culkin T-Shirt


From the Daily Mail: "Both he and Macauley Culkin are former child stars born just two months apart in 1980. And it appears even in adulthood, Ryan Gosling feels a certain kinship with the Home Alone star. The 32-year-old wore a white T-shirt featuring an image of Macaulay as a ... See the Rest

Waking Up with Zayn


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Trailer Park

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Coming soon to a theater near you: Dark Skies, a horror movie starring Kerri Russell; Black Rock in which Kate Bosworth becomes THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME; The Baytown Outlaws, for fans of scruffy mean boys; Bad Kids Go to Hell – where a bunch of students are locked in the library ... See the Rest