Snap!: Jake Bugg

SQUEEEEEEEEAL! British pop star and CUTEST BOY WHO EVER LIVED Jake Bugg enters the Ed Sullivan Theater to tape tonight's episode of The Late Show with David Letterman. Watch the video for his latest ... See the Rest

Omg, I Need a Deaf Boyfriend

Adorkable 18-year-old Switched at Birth star Sean Berdy performs Enrique Inglesias' "Hero" in sign language and, TRUST ME, it's the sweetest thing EVER. It's just a shame nobody told him what a TERRIBLE song it is. (via See the Rest

Cute Couple Alert!

Theo (son of Jann) Wenner and Liv Tyler at the Givenchy show in Paris. (via Hotel Fashionland) ... See the Rest

Run, Logan!

So I think I've mentioned my dentist is right in the thick of Rodeo Drive, which I love, it's the only reason I go to him. That and he's REALLY CUTE, OMG. So there I was after my appointment, high as ... See the Rest

I Have Never Been More in Love Than I Am at This Minute

Sometimes I think there is almost too much beauty in this world. A boy in a paper bow tie with big anime eyes sings an a cappella version of the Dr Who theme song with himself. My ovaries just burst. (via See the Rest

Snap! Snap!

Patrick Schwarzenegger out walking in Malibu, looking adorbz. (via I'm Not Obsessed) ... See the Rest

David Archuleta shocker: ‘I’ve never been kissed!’

Uh-uh. No way. I'm not touching this story with a ten-foot pole. Keepin' my mouth shut. YOU, however, are free to speculate about his sexuality, his abusive father, and how people who have been molested often retain their high-pitched, baby-ish voices into adulthood (according to ... See the Rest

Justin Bieber draws John Waters mustache on face, still looks adorable

Take THAT all you naysayers who think puberty will doom his career! He's gonna be fine! Fine and dapper! Why, he's THE SPITTING IMAGE of See the Rest