#RockLooksLikeaLady?: The First Photo of a Woman on Mars!

Here's the "proof" you've been waiting for! NASA's Curiosity Rover took an image of Mars and captured a shape that looks a LOT like ghost lady walking on ... See the Rest

Coffin Found on Mars

Coffin found on Mars. I love space images and especially the photos from the Mars Rovers, and the fact that the Curiosity Rover can take SELFIES!!! Well, now the great photo examiners that found lizard rats have now found a See the Rest

Mars Rover Curiosity Hot Wheels

Hot wheels for a hot planet. This mini Curiosity rover will be available on shelves this holiday. (Did I just mention the holidays ... See the Rest

Bobak Ferdowsi Unveils New Hairdid

The sexy NASA scientist aka Mohawk Guy updates us on the Curiosity rover and his new haircut...in Morse code! ... See the Rest

Make Your Own Cut-N-Fold NASA Mohawk Guy Boyfriend

From Bobak Ferdowsi's increasingly nutty Tumblr fan page. ... See the Rest

Your Daily Meme

... See the Rest

NASA JPL’s ‘Mohawk Guy’

Mission Activity Lead, Bobak Ferdowsi, was drawing a big reaction in the live chat last night during the Mars Curiosity landing coverage. Becoming a very ... See the Rest

Let the Memes Begin!

Curiosity killed the cat. (t/y Bridget) ... See the Rest