Harry Styles Makes an Adjustment – in One Direction

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rugby crotch grab

Morning Male Call: The Rugby Tug

A player goes for the crotch in a typical rugby tackle. Most effective. Rugby jocks famously don't wear cups. (via me-me-me) ... See the Rest


1D After Dark

Yeah, that's probably what I'd be doing if I was standing next to Harry, too. (See more pics of the boys' trip to Ghana at ONTD) ... See the Rest


Snap!: Liam Hemsworth

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The Gyllenhaal Gif Shop

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Marlon Teixeira by Terry Richardson

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Styles and Payne: Showing Off

Ho hum. Either fuck or get off the pot, guys. (via Poison Paradise) ... See the Rest


Naked Launch: Big Zac Attack for The Lucky One

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