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The Grass-Roots Marketing Campaign for “Applause”

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“Looking For a Stark in the Streets and a Wildling in the Sheets”: Craigslist Posting OTD

  Aren't we all, honey, aren't we all? ... See the Rest

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Hot For Teacher: A Cautionary Tale

From the Daily Mail: "A male elementary school teacher who models on the side for explicit dance party videos was reportedly fired from his teaching ... See the Rest

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A Drag Queen Walks Into a Blind Dinner Party…

Have you ever been to a dinner party after answering an ad on Craigslist? A party full of strangers? Yeah, me neither, but Willam did and it was all ... See the Rest

So This Happened

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Been There

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She’s mad because she just bought a new bag of food, guys

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Craigslist Quote Unquote

"Free LCD TV.Yes it works perfectly.Yes it has a remote. No i wont deliver. Why is it FREE you ask????? My room mate thought it would be 'hysterical' ... See the Rest