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Madonna Is the Mother of Dragons In So Many Ways

Not only is Madonna mother to a shitload of dragoons aka drag queens that impersonate her, but she is also, literally the Mother of Dragons; Daenerys ... See the Rest

NPG x132021; John Gielgud as Richard II in 'Richard of Bordeaux' by Yvonne Gregory

Costume Drama

John Gielgud as Richard II in Richard of Bordeaux. (via mattadore; photo: Yvonne Gregory) ... See the Rest

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First Look: The New Spider-Man Outfit!

According to Coming Soon, this one features much bigger eyes and a number of alterations to color and texture, and is quite arguably the closest any ... See the Rest

hoffmann 1935

Flashback 1935

Kitty Hoffmann in an Erni Kniepert creation, 1935. But who is this exquisite creature? Anyone? ... See the Rest


Selena Gomez: Selebrity Retro Pinup

(via retrogasm) ... See the Rest

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Happy Times: Midcentury Hobgoblins

(via superbomba!) ... See the Rest


Hallowmeme Costume of the Day

The "restored" Jesus fresco costume, photographed at Atlanta's Anime Weekend. (via thedailywhat) ... See the Rest

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Freeballing in Downton Abbey

The men of Downton Abbey were banned from wearing their normal underwear for fear of a camera shot catching a glimpse of 2Xist or Calvin Klein. This ... See the Rest