Totally Cuckoo-Bananas Avante-Garde Dance Costumes from the 1920s – If the Clubkids Only Had THESE

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#FashionInFilm: The Top Ten Carol Costumes Countdown

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Here’s Proof That Gay Men Are Really Good At Halloween

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#OnlyInNewYork: The Biggest Halloween Pooch Parade Celebrates 25 Years of Costumed Canines

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#BornThisDay: Fashion Designer, Rudi Gernreich

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Miss Canada’s Incredible Hockey Scoreboard Outfit and Other Hot Looks from This Sunday’s Miss Universe Pageant

Of course the only reason to watch The Miss Universe pageant is to get drag ideas from the big parade of costumes. Every year, contestants reduce their national identity to a series of simplistic, often culturally demeaning, clichés (Miss Latvia is a sexy milkmaid! Miss Jamaica ... See the Rest

How Superheroes Would Have Looked in the 16th Century

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