Who’s That Girl?

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Man Sues Surgeon for Nose Job Gone Horribly Wrong

A Tulsa man seeking a simple nose job after his divorce, ended up with 22 surgeries and no nose at all. Disturbing. See the Rest

Dr. 9021N0

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Heaven Can Wait

Through the miracle of, we guess, prayer (she's a Jewish Christian known for divine healing at her God parties) and God knows how much cosmetic surgery, 75-year-old actress Dyan CannonĀ (one of ... See the Rest

Surgery Loves Company?

Wowlebrity Pete Burns was spotted on the streets of London the other day, his face swollen from recent surgery to undo the damage done by previous surgery. Accompanying the former Dead or Alive singer was his boyfriend, ... See the Rest

Mirren Image: Helen Mirren on the Cover of Bust Magazine

Our friend Cynthia (a Bust subscriber!) is convinced that 65-year-old Mirren has recently ruined her face by having a cosmetic procedure performed on it. Something about the eyes now being too high on her head or something. ... See the Rest

Janice Dickinson in the Flesh

Self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel," 55-year-old Janice Dickinson has just stripped off her designer clothes to pose for Closer magazine. "I love my body, but it's a ... See the Rest