Too Soon? Urban Outfitters Sells Fake Blood Splattered Sweatshirt from Kent State

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Urban Outfitters is selling faux-vintage "blood-splattered" Kent State sweatshirts, referencing the 1970 shooting that left four dead. (Random fun fact: My grandmother was Dean of Women's Colleges at Kent State at the time!). Kent State, predictably, found the gimmicky item to be in EXTREMELY poor taste. A University spokesperson responded ... See the Rest

Lean & Mean?: Rosie O’Donnell Covers Variety


Yes, Rosie is getting ready to return to "The View," and she's looking lean, but planning on being a bit less mean according to the new issue of Variety. She'll join the table for the show’s 18th season premiere on Sept. 15, although she signed just a one-year contract, so she can get out if she doesn't like where the show is going. She told the ... See the Rest

Out In New York: Is Wintour Over?


The Kimye cover backlash continues – I guess until the next issue comes out. I subscribe and was not THAT appalled when I got my copy. It's a feature profile –they're not pretending she's a model – she just had a baby and is about to get married, so she's wearing wedding dresses, shot beautifully by Annie Liebovitz. And she sells magazines, ... See the Rest

TV News: The Bachelor Says “No” To Gay Bachelor Idea

The star of the latest season of "The Bachelor" shared his candid opinions about the possibility of a future gay bachelor at a "network party" on Friday night. When asked whether or not he thought the hit ABC reality show featuring a gay or bisexual bachelor would be a "good idea," Juan Pablo Galavis reportedly told The TV Page's Sean Daly, "No... ... See the Rest

Brendon Ayanbadejo: Chris Kluwe Was Cut Because of His Pro-Gay Rights Crusade


Former NFL star Brendon Ayanbadejo says ex-Minnesota Vikings kicker Chris Kluwe is "100% right" about claims he was cut from the team because of his pro-gay rights crusade. Brendon says the numbers speak for themselves – Kluwe was great – but he strongly believes Chris was blacklisted because he's been so outspoken about a cause that doesn't jive ... See the Rest

InstaSlam: Lance Bass Smooches (a Cardboard) Phil Robertson

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Lance Bass posted this on his Instagram with, "Don't knock it 'til ya try it Phil" which ignited commentary there from both sides. This Duck Dynasty controversy is NOT going away, which is a good thing, in my book. A dialogue – or should I say monologue, as if anyone is LISTENING to the other side – is a good thing, right? (via Instagram) ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Ender’s Game Producer Roberto Orsi


“If we only allowed art from artists we agreed with, we’d have pretty terrible art. I’m not going to dismiss the Declaration of Independence because Thomas Jefferson had a slave.” – Ender's Game producer Roberto Orci defending his movie (and rabid homophobe Orson Scott Card) in yesterday's LA Times. And while it's true that history is littered with ... See the Rest

The Homophobic Lyrics in Eminem’s “Rap God” That Nobody’s Talking About

Video thumbnail for youtube video Eminem's Homophobic Lyrics in "Rap God" - World of Wonder

  Critics at Time, Rolling Stone, and MTV News are pissing themselves over Eminem's new rapid-fire, six-minute tribute to himself, ""Rap God." The song itself is brilliant in its way, I suppose (the bit from 4:55 to 5:15 is particularly mind-blowing), but what seems to be lost in the mountains of praise is the often violently homophobic ... See the Rest