#Shame: Georgia Teacher Let Students Have Sex In His Closet…?

An Atlanta-area teacher, Quentin Wright, has been arrested after a parent complained he allowed middle school students to have sex in a storage unit in his classroom. The ... See the Rest

Weekend Update: Condom Contest

"More than 800 people submitted ideas to a contest for a new type of condom to increase their use, including one with pull-tabs so they can be put on more easily – but is anyone really saying, 'This is ... See the Rest

Geordie Shore Gets Their Own Line of Condoms

This makes complete sense and it's super smart for the condom company to do this. Skins Condoms teamed up with Geordie Shore's Gaz, Scotty and Vicky put out a GS line ... See the Rest

The Takeaway from Last Night’s Teen Wolf

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Condoms: Safe…and Sound

When snapped, plucked, tweaked, squeaked, and rubbed, a condom sort of becomes what you might call a rubber band. Can't figure why a Swedish group that promotes  sexual health and reproductive rights would have rejected this cool TV spot. (via See the Rest

Hey Playa, I Got You

Genius, functional, and necessary. OK, the video is fabulous and cheesy (what could be better?). But in this day and age when safe sex is everything? The Playa just takes it one step further and makes it that much easier to protect your sex. ... See the Rest

Condomgate: Now in Gif Format

So many unanswered questions: Why was he carrying a condom to the Lorax premiere? Was he planning on getting laid afterwards? Was he out tricking beforehand? Was he planning on cruising the bathroom stalls during the film? Or maybe he had just come from an all-nighter with his ... See the Rest

Detailed Video Breakdown of Zac Efron Dropping a Condom on the Red Carpet

At the Lorax premiere (of all places) the squeaky-clean prettyboy dropped a glimmering square-shaped something-or-other as he reached in his pocket to hand his publicist his phone and key. From the YouTube description: "He picks it up and looks so embarrassed, then mouths 'Oh my ... See the Rest