#EpicStrut: Have You SEEN This MoneySuperMarket Commercial Yet?

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Mild-mannered Dave saved money on his car insurance, and now he feels EPIC. Suddenly POW! He's got booty. He's wearing cha-cha heels. He's in short-shorts. And he STRUTS down the boulevard like a 'ganza, twerking the power bottom he longs to be. He's SO MoneySuperMarket. Watch it after the jump. It's HYSTERICAL. ... Watch Now

Super-Creepy New Milk Commercial

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PLAIN milk, a German beverage startup that sells “all natural Finnish milk” in a can, has just released this incredibly odd commercial featuring a mother breastfeeding her child who suddenly freezes up. Find out why after the jump. ... See the Rest

Watch KISS Singer Paul Stanley’s NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Folger’s Coffee Commercial

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A grizzled old geezer walks into a circus tent, carrying a steaming cup of morning brew and singing along to the thrumming beat of an accordion. "This is your wake up call. Time to reach, go for it all...." He looks up at the lady trapeze artists performing an exhilarating leap. At first, the song is garbled, tuneless. Then suddenly, the music ... See the Rest

WTF of the Day: Waka Flocka Flame for Pine Brothers Cough Drops

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Rapper and weed aficionado Waka Flocka Flame was the undisputed highlight of last night's AMAs, and he didn't even perform. He starred in a cough drop commercial, of all things, sitting on a couch surrounded by smoke. "What does a Waka Flocka Flame do for minor sore throat relief? This here," he says, while piano music tinkles in the background and ... See the Rest

This John Lewis Commericial Wins Christmas This Year

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The British department store commercial, in which a winsome young boy gets a mail-order bride for his pet penguin, is this year's contender for best Christmas commerical – on par with last year's Apple "Misunderstood." Check it out below. The song is ‘Real Love’ written by John Lennon and performed by Tom Odell. The fictional penguins Mabel and ... See the Rest

Watch James Franco’s German Coca-Cola Light Commercial

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch James Franco's German Coca-Cola Light Commercial - World of Wonder

He's an actor, artist, filmmaker, author, teacher, award show host, singer, social media celebrity, and queerbaiting genius. But of all the hats James Franco wears, I'm sure the one he's proudest of is Coca-Cola Light spokesperson. Check out the multi-hyphenate superstar enjoying a warm summer day with his favorite beverage in this new German ... See the Rest

The Nicholas Hoult Jaguar Commercials

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Have you seen these yet? Yummy Nicholas Hoult plays against type as a nerdy evil genius in a new series of James Bond-themed Jaguar commercials. Check them out after the jump! ... See the Rest

Ear Porn: German Headphone Lives to Pleasure Ears

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ear Porn: German Headphone Lives to Pleasure Ears - World of Wonder

A giant headphone and a giant ear engage in some truly shocking behavior in this wtf Sennheiser commercial . Just watch. ... See the Rest