Key & Peele: Bachelor Party (Bup Bup Bup Bup)

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Key & Peele: Bachelor Party (Bup Bup Bup Bup) - World of Wonder

Key & Peele are kinda killing it this season. Without too much description, this is a bachelor party where one guy has a different idea of what to do with the stripper and his homies. Watch. ... See the Rest

Story Time With Coco Peru: Let’s Go To The Shore (& Get Fat?)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Story Time With Coco: Let's Go To The Beach, Bitch! - World of Wonder

Are the gaybies at home? Well, give them an iPad, park them in front of the TV, just get them out of the room somehow, so you can listen to Story Time with Coco. And if you're on Florida's East or West shores you can see An Intimate Evening with Miss Coco Peru this week in Fort Lauderdale 10/23, St. Petersburg 10/24, Orlando 10/25 & West Palm ... See the Rest

Wendy Ho’s Greatest Sh*ts Debuts at #12


Condragulations to WOWlebrity Wendy Ho! Her greatest hits album, brilliantly titled Greatest Shits, debuted at number 12 on Billboard's comedy charts this week! Way to go, Wendy Ho! Check out Wendy's Youtube channel, and don't forget to subscribe! ... See the Rest

Legend Joan Rivers has Passed Away

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has passed away, according to her daughter Melissa Rivers. Joan left the world in such stark contrast to the way she lived in it, with a powerful and unstoppable force. I always expected Joan to go out in front of a live audience in the most spectacularly dramatic way imaginable (I think that's what she would have wanted). People are ... See the Rest

The Trailer for All Cheerleaders Die

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Check out the trailer for the new zombie/witch/horror/teen/comedy All Cheerleaders Die. After a late-night party goes awry, the four most popular girls at school die in a car accident. A sinister, supernatural power intervenes and the girls mysteriously appear at school the next day with a killer new look… and some unusual new appetites. Hot zombie ... See the Rest

The Hoff on Celebrity Apprentice?

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.42.56 PM

                          He would make it interesting, that's for sure! Okay, so according to the NY Post, the rumored list of celebutantes joining The Hoff on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice include: tennis great Martina Navratilova, ... See the Rest

Sex Galaxy: First Green Blue Film?

Sex Galaxy

Director/producer Mike Davis' 100% recycled film, Sex Galaxy may stand as the world's first green/blue film. Mashing up footage from vintage porn and sci-fi films, "the campy sci-fi comedy mixes strippers and Martians, rocket ships and robots, all spliced together into a semi-coherent romp." Since it's kind of an adult film, it's a "blue movie," ... Watch Now

1994: Remembering Mr. Mike


"First one thing happened, and then another and before they knew it, they were all dead." -Michael O'Donoghue Yesterday would have been the 74 birthday of my late friend, the legendary comedy writer, Michael O'Donoghue who died 20 years ago of a massive brain aneurism. He always said his brain was going to explode and he wasn't wrong. I met him ... See the Rest