Indiana Home Shopping with James Van Der Beek & Anna Camp


You know, Indiana's new religious freedom law can make for some pretty uncomfortable home shopping. James Van Der Beek and co-host Anna Camp have a rather severe take on the new legislation, which has created a media firestorm. Be careful what you let slip, get those credit cards ... See the Rest

#FYI: Weirdly, “Weird Loners” Is Funny – & Weird


I always watch these new sitcoms thinking, "...are they trying to convince me that this is the new Friends – again?" But Weird Loners is about four (not six) relationship -challenged mid-30-somethings, who are unexpectedly thrust into one another’s lives. In the pilot episode, ... See the Rest

#LiveShow: Unitard’s “House Of Tards” Is In LA This Week! …And Back In NYC, March 19!


These guys! I've known them for YEARS and I've seen this HILARIOUS show (twice!) in NYC, so stop the streaming and start your screaming, Los Angeles! Unitard is in town! The comedy trio of Mike Albo, Nora Burns and David Ilku, are a few years older (aren't we all?) but they're ... See the Rest

Key & Peele: Bachelor Party (Bup Bup Bup Bup)

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Key & Peele: Bachelor Party (Bup Bup Bup Bup) - World of Wonder

Key & Peele are kinda killing it this season. Without too much description, this is a bachelor party where one guy has a different idea of what to do with the stripper and his homies. Watch. ... See the Rest

Story Time With Coco Peru: Let’s Go To The Shore (& Get Fat?)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Story Time With Coco: Let's Go To The Beach, Bitch! - World of Wonder

Are the gaybies at home? Well, give them an iPad, park them in front of the TV, just get them out of the room somehow, so you can listen to Story Time with Coco. And if you're on Florida's East or West shores you can see An Intimate Evening with Miss Coco Peru this week in Fort ... See the Rest

Wendy Ho’s Greatest Sh*ts Debuts at #12


Condragulations to WOWlebrity Wendy Ho! Her greatest hits album, brilliantly titled Greatest Shits, debuted at number 12 on Billboard's comedy charts this week! Way to go, Wendy Ho! Check out Wendy's Youtube channel, and don't forget to subscribe! ... See the Rest

Legend Joan Rivers has Passed Away

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has passed away, according to her daughter Melissa Rivers. Joan left the world in such stark contrast to the way she lived in it, with a powerful and unstoppable force. I always expected Joan to go out in front of a live audience in the most spectacularly dramatic way ... See the Rest

The Trailer for All Cheerleaders Die

Video thumbnail for youtube video The TR - World of Wonder

Check out the trailer for the new zombie/witch/horror/teen/comedy All Cheerleaders Die. After a late-night party goes awry, the four most popular girls at school die in a car accident. A sinister, supernatural power intervenes and the girls mysteriously appear at school the next ... See the Rest