Video thumbnail for youtube video Colton Haynes Covers Josh Groban - World of Wonder

Colton Haynes Covers Josh Groban

Whether this is a good thing or not depends upon on how you feel about Josh Groban, I suppose. The good news is that Colton can really sing. Damn him. ... Watch Now

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Celebrity Roundup

In today's celebrity roundup: Kellan Lutz shoves things in his mouth, Ian Ziering gets all flexy on the Chippendales red carpet, and what do we think ... See the Rest

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Colton Haynes Joins Cast of San Andreas

Colton Haynes is a star, whether the folks at Arrow want to admit it or not. He's a star in the old-fashioned sense: He's got a FACE! and a PRESENCE! ... See the Rest

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Non-Oscar Celebrity Roundup: Beth Ditto, Colton Haynes, Beyonce and MORE

As a palate cleanser, here are some pics that have absolutely nothing to do with the Academy Awards. ... See the Rest

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes Dior Dress Becomes a Meme

I have a feeling we will be seeing alot of these. ... See the Rest

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The Hunks of 2013

Liam Payne, suddenly the hottest boy in One Direction, and the only one worth sqealing over; and British folk/rock cutie Jake Bugg (who would probably ... See the Rest

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Colton Haynes sits on Santa's lap at last night’s Brooks Brothers event benefitting St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. (via Instagram) ... See the Rest

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On the Red Carpet: The KISS FM Jingle Ball in Hollywood

1. Cutie-patootie Austin Mahone and... 2. The Ghost of his Christmas Future, Scott Baio. 3. Colton Haynes 4. And some pop star named Neon ... See the Rest