Women’s Colleges Spark Controversy Admitting Transgender Students

Women's colleges across the country are broadening their admissions policies to now include transgender students.  Some people are concerned that this could affect the "nature" of single-gender schools, or maybe they're just pissed that this means stiffer competition. The debate ... See the Rest

Victoria Beckham Multitasks

              Now this is the meaning of multitasking. Victoria Beckham went to ... See the Rest

Headline News: Fred Tomaselli

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I Am So Turned On Right Now

Boys and their ranch dressing, amiright? (via College Humor) ... See the Rest

Batmanning Is Still Hanging in There

Allegedly, the very first Batmanning video, shot on and around the Purdue campus by the Batman Boilers. ... See the Rest


I don't think we had this major when I was in college... ... See the Rest

Gotta Feeling They’re Gonna Get a Good Good Grade

One-hundred-seventy-two communications majors at the University of Quebec at Montréal choreographed and lipsynched (lipdubbed, if you insist) one of today's longest and most overheard pop songs, the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling," and managed not only to get it delightfully ... See the Rest