British Diver Chris Mears (and a Bevy of Shirtless Supermodels) Cover the New Issue of Coitus Magazine


Have I really been so blinded by my love for Olympic diver Tom Daley that I never noticed the boyish perfection that is his teammate, Chris Mears? Well, NEVER MORE! Chris get's ALL THE LOVE from here on out! Here, he joins supermodels Diego Barrueco, Breezy Ashell, Jon Hermann, and Serigio Carvajal on the cover of the latest issue of the always ... See the Rest

Francisco Lachowski Covers Coitus Magazine


With three differrent covers to choose from. From the magaine's website: "The return of Coitus comes in the form of a celebration of the world's most beautiful boy – Francisco Lachowski. Photographed alongside a selection of our other favourite boys from around the world by an array of photographers in the classic Coitus style, Issue Four is here!" ... See the Rest