Flashback 1989: Dancing at Detroit’s Brotherhood Club

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Times Have Definitely Changed


Honey, back in the day you couldn't go to a club without finding a cigarette vending machine (which was always out of Marlboro Lights) and a condom vending machine. Hell, even your tampon and perfume machines in the ladies room. Now they are stocking the clubs with a shoe vending machine. Yup. After a drunken night of partying the last thing you ... See the Rest

Clubland Chronicles: Every Night in Drag


Every Tuesday and Thursday drag journalist and downtown legend Linda Simpson posts Every Night in Drag "a historical photo essay documenting a fantastic New York City queendom from the late 1980s to the late 1990s." From top, left: an off-night Leigh Bowery in futuristic Benny Hill drag; the late, great Page at the Central Park zoo; Francine and ... See the Rest

Mr Black Los Angeles Two Years Ago

  Tonight is the two year anniversary of Mr Black Los Angeles. Here are some hot topics of what happened on opening night. I wonder how much has changed? Is Larva still working an avant-garde American gothic look? Will James pop a button and Lenora come to the rescue? Will Alexis Arquette be thankful? Will Trevor Wayne let us see his ... See the Rest