Tune for Today: Lizette Lizette Gets Her Party Monster on in “Freak”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Tune for Today: Lizette Lizette Gets Her Party Monster on in "Freak" - World of Wonder

Swedish superstar DJ/songstress Lizette Lizette says the talk show scene in Party Monster was the inspiration for her latest video "Freak," and WOW! It perfectly captures the nuttiness of those '90s-era clubkid-vs-Middle-America appearances. ... Watch Now

To Do in Toronto: Check Out John Simone’s “Legends of NY Nitelife” Photo Retrospective

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Nightlife photographer John Simone, who took so many legendary clubkid photos for Project X  magazine back in the day, has launched a major retrospective entitled "Legends of NY Nitelife" at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto. It runs through the 29th and if you're in the area you SIMPLY MUST GO. The show features images of celebrities ... See the Rest

9 GIFS from Milk’s LegenDAIRY Looks


Amazing GIFS from the WOWpresents runaway smash hit "Milk's LegenDAIRY Looks" featuring that wacky hunk MILK QUEEN – after the jump! ... See the Rest

You Better Burke: The Extraordinary Work of Artist and Nightlife Personality Ryan Burke

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HuffPo has an interesting interview with NYC artist, photographer, and nightlife personality Ryan Burke – whom many consider the heir apparent to Leigh Bowery's clubland throne. They talked about his artistic influences, the evolution of New York nightlife, and how his views differ from, oh, a certain recently released prisoner we know. What kind ... See the Rest

Dear Michael…


Prisoner #97A6595 aka Michael Alig is officially released from prison today. In honor of that occasion, I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts about life in the new millennia to pass along to him. ... See the Rest

Breathtaking! Mesmerizing! Magnificent! You NEED to Watch Brooke Candy’s “Opulence”


Batshit brilliant video for freak-of-the-week Brooke Candy by Steven Klein and Nicola Formichetti, featuring  New York club legends Ryan Burke and Jarrett Edwards (among others). Stop what you're doing and WATCH NOW! The makeup will knock you out. The wigs are beyond the beyond. Each and every look is so next level fabulous, it makes Gaga look like ... See the Rest

Watch This: Malik So Chic’s New Music Video for “BBST (Bitches Be So Thirsty)”

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From Dance Moms to a twerking video, Malik So Chic covers the waterfront. "#BitchesBeSoThirsty" is the New York club icon's latest offering. Is it rap? Is it art? Is it a fashion statement? I don't know, but I love it. ... Watch Now

Transformation Tuesday: Sissy Spastik Gives Me (!) a Clubkid Makeover

Video thumbnail for youtube video Transformation Tuesday: Sissy Spastik Gives Me (!) a Clubkid Makeover - World of Wonder

Sissy Spastik (of the Chicago Spastiks, dontyouknow) escaped the polar vortex to come give me a fabulous clubkid makeover. It's been a while, you know, since I've just done straight-up '80s-style club dolly. The result was very Sigue Sigue Sputnik, VERY Toya Wilcox (anybody remember her?), very Hazel O'Conner in Breaking Glass. I love it. Watch for ... See the Rest