Bobbi Kristina To Be Removed From Life-Support On The Anniversary of Whitney’s Death


It's a tragic ending, worthy of a Lifetime movie. According to TMZ, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's mother Cissy have agreed to take Bobbi Kristina off life support tomorrow, the third anniversary of her mother's death –to the day. In the "alleged" words of Cissy Houston, the ... See the Rest

Bobbi Kristina Gets Married

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Well, it happened and no one is happy about it. Bobbi Kristina married her "brother" Nick Gordon and here's the capper; she didn't have a pre-nup. Whitney left 20 mil for Bobbi Kris and Grandma Cissy is mad as hell thinking that the money is the only reason why Nick married ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote

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“I got an invitation to the party — which is the most obscene thing. I don’t know why they would want me to come to the party in which she died, you know? Unheard of. I guess maybe he just sent me a copy for remembrance sake.” – Cissy Houston telling Access Hollywood that she ... See the Rest

Hell to the Nah


Thank you, Cissy! When Rihanna told the world she was hell bent on buying the rights to Whitney Houston's life story so she herself could play her, I think we all raised an eyebrow and pursed a lip or two. Cissy has stepped in to say Rihanna would be playing Whitney over "her ... See the Rest