Kaia Gerber Is Ready for Her Close-Up

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Look. At that. Face. Cindy Crawford's gene do NOT mess around. Kaia Gerber is 13 and beyond ready for prime time modeling gig. Her dad posted this pic of her on his Instagram and I know she has dabbled a little with the modeling, but she is her mama's doppelgänger. And? She is tall. Score. ... See the Rest

Cindy Crawford’s Offspring Continue To Stun

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I mean, how can you look at Cindy Crawford's kids Kaia 12, and Presley 14, and not have your jaw drop to the floor? I know, I know, their mother is arguably the biggest supermodel there ever was and it shows in their genes. The both of them, just gorgeous. ... See the Rest

Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Is Gorge

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Can you stand it? Cindy Crawford's 12-year-old daughter Kaia is on the road to supermodeldom if she wants continue on said road. Yes, her mother is one of the biggest supermodels of all time but that doesn't always mean anything in the genetic lottery. Not in this case. Not only is Kaia her mother's doppelganger, but she is also really tall. I have ... See the Rest

Girl Power D: Dita von Teese


“I was made fun of all through school for how I looked. I was so skinny, and I had knobby knees, and my skin was kind of a grayish color. I was kind of awkward. And more than anything, I just felt I disappeared. I still feel like I totally disappear when I don’t have my makeup on and my hair pulled back. I didn’t feel I could really be beautiful or ... See the Rest

InstaGlam: Chef Harry Styles Makes Pizza with Cindy Crawford’s Children


What does Harry Styles do when he has a couple of free days in Los Angeles? Make pizza for Cindy Crawford's children, of course. Crawford's tow-headed young son Presley captioned a photo on Instagram,"Thanks for stopping by the house again and helping us make our pizzas @harrystyles." Styles replied, "Anytime brother. See you for surfing soon." ... See the Rest

Cindy’s Still Smokin’


Cindy Crawford did a photo shoot in front of the Hollywood sign dousing her hot, 46-year-old self in champagne. Terry Richardson shot the icon in front of the iconic landmark. (via twitter) ... See the Rest

Cindy Carangi


Cindy Crawford tweeted a photo of a younger her, side by side with a picture of the late Gia Carangi. Cindy said that when she started modeling they called her "Baby Gia." This actually makes sense when you look at it, but I never thought of these two in comparison before. Pretty amazing. (via twitter) ... See the Rest

Bitch is 46


This is what 46 could look like. Welcome to the world of healthy living, kids. Cindy Crawford is working it and giving 22=year-olds a run for their money. Check out September's issue of Tatler magazine for more Crawford hotness. #Werk Bitch. ... See the Rest