Madonna’s Got the Spirit

It's true. Madonna has the Christmas spirit, but in her own way, of course. This is what is hanging on her gate in NYC. ... See the Rest

Transformations: Gia Gunn Serves FISH for Christmas!

Oh, this is so exciting! We've got a special ho-ho-hoe in the Transformation studio today: The legendary Gi-Gi-Gi-Gia Gunn (with her special helper Laganja Estranja) stops by to turn me into a Christmas elf! It's a delightful holiday edition that you're NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS! ... See the Rest

31 Dogs That Ruined Christmas (& Chanukah Too!) Dog Shaming, Holiday Edition

Is "dog shaming" your thing? Whether they pee under the tree, poop on the menorah or eat Christmas cookies these doofie little doggies will always find a way to make everything about THEM. See the Rest

Demi Lovato Has a New Baby

I mean could this baby be any cuter? I just saw Demi Lovato's post about Christmas coming early and this was the face that ... See the Rest

‘Tis the Season for… Wasabi Candy Canes?

From Archie McPhee – the company that brought you bacon-flavored candy ... See the Rest

How to Avoid Charity Workers

They're everywhere this time of year, annoying do-gooders clanging their bells, asking for money to help underprivileged  baby seals or what have you. Woe be to the passerby who accidentally jingles the loose change in their pockets. They can HEAR IT, you know. Here's a quick ... See the Rest

#GiftWrappingHack: You’re Doing It ALL Wrong…

...but don't fret, you’ll soon be able to wrap like a professional after watching Todd Tripp, who learned the fast-wrap after witnessing it in Japan’s Takashimaya Department Store. Ready to package those gifts like a pro? Review these gifs, instructions and the video once or ... See the Rest

You NEED These Festive Christmas Suits

They're merry. They're gay. They're full of next-level holiday cheer. They're Opposuits and they come in three festive versions: The Treemendous, the Rudolph, and the Christmaster. How much do you NEED one RIGHT NOW? Only $99! CAN ... See the Rest