#GiftWrappingHack: You’re Doing It ALL Wrong…

...but don't fret, you’ll soon be able to wrap like a professional after watching Todd Tripp, who learned the fast-wrap after witnessing it in Japan’s Takashimaya Department Store. Ready to package those gifts like a pro? Review these gifs, instructions and the video once or ... See the Rest

The Christmas Morning GIF Shop

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Holiday Gift Idea: Hand Jewelry!

I know you've been in a blind panic, thinking to yourselves "the holiday's are here ALREADY? What am I going to get James St James?" Well, take a deep breath. Relax. I've ... See the Rest


It's Christmas time again, and ... See the Rest

Holiday Basket Case

Usually you know what to expect when you are lucky enough to receive a holiday basket: Muffins, cookies, cheese, wine and delicious things of that nature. But we have never received a gift basket of condoms, gags,  handcuffs, anal beads, lube, whips, butt plugs, cock rings and ... See the Rest


Looks like Mommy gave her big boy the credit card! Casper Smart was spotted out shopping alone in Beverly Hills yesterday. ... See the Rest

Christmas Wish List

Need, need, need the black oversize Louis Vuitton sunglasses that Sigrid Agren is wearing here. Fabelhaft, darlink.  (Photo by Ezra Petronio for German Vogue) ... See the Rest

Celebrity Christmas Wishes:
Tom Hardy

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