RuPaul MCs Holiday Performances by Morgan McMichaels & Jiggly Caliente


DJ RuPaul MCs, Morgan McMichaels performs 12 Drunk Days of Christmas, Jiggly Caliente performs to Missy Elliot, then Ru switches it up on Ms. Caliente and she must improvise! Holiday cheer was had by all! ... See the Rest

My Favorite Picture from Last Night


That's me having a quiet moment with the legendary Deven Green. The picture is slightly blurry, but then I look my best when things are slightly blurry. I'm only sorry you can't see the amazing detailing on her outfit. Bitch JUST SHOWED UP in full Victorian mourning drag. She wasn't a paid extra. There was no Deven Green photo booth. She just went ... See the Rest

Queen Puts Kibosh on Palace Xmas Party

Unfortunately, Her Majesty will not be caught dancing around the tree to the tune of "Knees Up Mother Brown" at Buckingham Palace this Christmas. Due to the "current economic climate" in the UK, the palace had canceled its December 13 holiday party for the 600 or so royal household staff. "We're all devastated as it's a great night when everyone ... See the Rest