Two Men Out: Chris Noth and Kevin Spacey

Arrangement in Blue and Grey. They look alike, unlike themselves. Noth was spotted with a rough-hewn hairjob in New York's Soho district yesterday, and that same day in another part of the world a nearly unrecognizable Spacey was seen leaving the members-only Little House club in ... See the Rest

Andrew Brucker’s Stunning Early Head Shots of Future Stars

From the top: Sam Rockwell 1987, Naomi Watts 1986, Frances McDormand 1986, Will Arnett 1995, Robert Downey Jr 1985, Chris Noth 1985, Kerry Washington 1996, Alec Baldwin 1986. Photos by Andrew Brucker. Eight more shots at See the Rest

Mr. Bear

You can grow a beard if you like, Mr. Big, we still think you are hot stuff. Possibly, even hotter now with the facial accoutrement. Chris Noth was walking around the farmers' ... See the Rest

Inside Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried, Chris Noth, and Peter Sarsgaard (as Linda Lovelace, Anthony Romano, and Chuck Traynor, respectively) on the Los Angeles set of Lovelace, a poignant no-holes-barred biopic on the star of the biggest grossing porn film of all time, Deep Throat. We figure they'll be ... See the Rest

Snapped and already capped

... See the Rest