#BornThisDay: Actor/Singer, Deanna Durbin

December 4, 1921- Deanna Durbin really should be just a footnote to me. I truly have a deep love of film history. Although I never really cared for or about her, Durbin ends up holding a ... See the Rest

#RIP Partridge Family Star Suzanne Crough

Former child star Suzanne Crough, who played the tambourine-shaking Tracy Partridge ... See the Rest

Shirley Temple Joins Twitter,
Is Promptly Asked About Honey Boo Boo

  Follow Shirley here. Follow World of Wonder See the Rest

Whoa. Joey Lawrence Works Out in West Hollywood Park

Hairplugs? Lookin' FINE. Muscles? Oiled to perfection! Paparazzi? Oh, they've been alerted. With everything seemingly in order, '90s heartthrob Joey Lawrence stopped by boys town in LA for a quick, shirtless workout. Because that's how you drum up a little extra press for your ... See the Rest