#BornThisDay: Richard Gere

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August 31, 1949- Richard Gere studied Philosophy at the University Of Massachusetts, but he had hoped for a career as musician. But, he did go on to ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Barack Obama

Barack young Obama

August 4, 1961, Barack Hussein Obama II is the best Presidential pal a gay person could ever have. He is the twice elected 44th President of the USA, the first ... See the Rest

#MealswithWheels: UberEATS Is Changing How You Get Food Delivered (How Do You Feel About Melted #UberIceCream?)

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Uber has revolutionized the car service industry, no doubt about it. (They are in a war with Mayor DeBlasio at the moment about his ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn–Glass House Edition: A 60s Classic Outside Chicago for $600K


Designed and built by H.P. Davis "Deever" Rockwell as the architect's personal residence in ... See the Rest

Wonuts: Now a Thing

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The new waffle/doughnut hybrid – "wonuts" –are waffles deep-fried in vegetable shortening then dipped in sugar, marshmallow, maple, or chocolate glazes. Add toppings ... See the Rest

Hotel Heaven: Just A Room With A View, Please


Yes, a room with a view. It's a cliché but also one of the great perks of a luxury hotel stay. Here are Tablet ... See the Rest

Rahm Emanuel Shakes his Booty to “Blurred Lines”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Rahm Emmanuel Shakes his Booty to to "Blurred Lines" - World of Wonder

Somebody caught the pint-sized pitbull of Chicago at an outdoor music festival last week boogying down to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," and it's pretty damn mesmerizing. He does a stilted little white-boy bounce. Then, off comes the tie. The sleeves get rolled up. And while he ... See the Rest

Miley Is Coming for Her Daddy in Public Again


And she can't stop, indeed. Miley Cyrus is continuing the public airing of the filthy laundry by tweeting this photo with the caption, "@billyraycyrus since you won't reply to my texts I'm giving you an hour to tell the truth or ill tell it for you." Oh shit. She then followed it ... See the Rest