Magnus Carlsen (“The Brad Pitt of Chess”) Stars in New G-Star RAW Campaign with Lily Cole

Creepy/hot whiz kid Magnus Carlsen, who was named the new chess World Champion last year, stars with the equally wonky beauty Lily Cole in the new campaign for G-Star RAW. In the ad, Magnus and Lily face off in a game of chess surrounded by concrete and steel and a few hundred ... See the Rest

Ed Magana’s Friday Vid Bits

... See the Rest

There Goes My Next Gig

Who knew that chess was such a sexy sport? New rules have been released and now a woman cannot have more than 2 of her shirt buttons ... See the Rest

Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor?

Because I don't get it. But I want it. "Chess Set" by artists Jake and Dinos Chapman for an exhibition entitled "The Art of Chess" at the Fuori Salone in Milan. Details at  See the Rest