Magnus Carlsen (“The Brad Pitt of Chess”) Stars in New G-Star RAW Campaign with Lily Cole

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Creepy/hot whiz kid Magnus Carlsen, who was named the new chess World Champion last year, stars with the equally wonky beauty Lily Cole in the new campaign for G-Star RAW. In the ad, Magnus and Lily face off in a game of chess surrounded by concrete and steel and a few hundred ... See the Rest

Ed Magana’s Friday Vid Bits


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There Goes My Next Gig


Who knew that chess was such a sexy sport? New rules have been released and now a woman cannot have more than 2 of her shirt buttons unbuttoned and her skirt cannot be more than four inches above the knee. Why you ask? Apparently it disrupts spectators and it's just not part of ... See the Rest

Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor?

Because I don't get it. But I want it. "Chess Set" by artists Jake and Dinos Chapman for an exhibition entitled "The Art of Chess" at the Fuori Salone in Milan. Details at  Design Bloom. (via Dangerous Minds) ... See the Rest