Watch: CAZWELL “Dance Like You Got Good Credit” feat. Bianca Del Rio, Cherie Lily & Big Dipper


Can Cazwell get any freakin' hotter? Apparently so! In his brand spanking new video Dance Like You Got Good Credit, featuring Cherie Lily, Bianca Del Rio (Is she in EVERYBODY'S video? WERRRK!) and my fave fuzzy wuzzy rapper Big Dipper, Caz gives a solution to your lack-of-funds issues...just dance...should be enough to hoodwink those nasty ... See the Rest

WOW Exclusive: Cazwell’s Fans Got No Selfie Control!


Looks like pop star Cazwell's fans have dove face first into the selfie cesspool with a little homage to the NYC pop icon. "This video is for my fans, by my fans. It's a social commentary on everybody's obsession with themselves", says Caz. Check out the uber egoists in No Selfie Control lyric video, featuring porn star Boomer Banks, down and dirty ... See the Rest

WOW EXCLUSIVE Cherie Lily’s Servin’ Up Body!

cherie lily

NYC club music star Cherie Lily (and wifey to hot rocker Andrew W.K.) churns out another ménage pop bum burner for the voguing kiddies, from current EP The Dripping Wet. 10's across the board!!! ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: Cazwell’s “Unzip Me” with Peaches and Amanda

cazwell peaches

(via Zeitgeistworld) ... See the Rest