How to Avoid Charity Workers

They're everywhere this time of year, annoying do-gooders clanging their bells, asking for money to help underprivileged  baby seals or what have you. Woe be to the passerby who accidentally jingles the loose change in their pockets. They can HEAR IT, you know. Here's a quick ... See the Rest

#NaughtyOrNice: Sexy Santas Run In Their Skivvies For Charity

The Santa Skivvies Run is a frisky romp through San Francisco that benefits San ... See the Rest

Is Alaska’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the Best Yet?

You're probably getting a little tired of watching celebrities throw buckets of ice water on their heads, I know, I know, but I implore you to check out Alaska Thunderfuck's ALS challenge. Trust me: Raising awareness has never looked so fierce and been so funny. ... See the Rest

Sure Why Not: Man Pushes Brussel Sprout Up a Mountain with His Nose

49-year-old Englishman Stuart Kettell is without a doubt the first man ever to successfully push a Brussel sprout up a mountain with his nose. This weekend, Stuart managed to climb ... See the Rest

What would Judy do?

Friend Of WOW Todd Warner has started The Tailwaggers Foundation which provides funding to qualified 501c non-profit organizations who ... See the Rest

Holiday Gift Ideas 1: Give Presents That Give Back…

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Victoria Beckham Donates Mt. Shoes for Charity

Look at this cascading mountain of shoe heaven that Victoria Beckham is donating to a local thrift shop to raise funds for the ... See the Rest

Pamela Anderson Is Feeling The Afterburn

I am sure a marathon will do that to ya. As you know, Pamela Anderson ran the NYC marathon for a Haitian Relief charity and when it was ... See the Rest