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Existential Tweet from Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar

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Rose McGowan Calls Out Hollywood for Not Giving Kim Novak a Standing Ovation

God bless Rose McGowan. When 81-year-old Kim Novak surprised everyone by toddling onto the Oscar stage with Matthew Mcconaughey last night, people ... See the Rest


Celebrity Twitter Response of the Day

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Celebrity Tweet of the Day

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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: Shia Pulls a Bieber

After weeks of weird behavior – the plagiarism scandal, the copied apologies, the bizarre skywritten "sorry," the twitter war with Lena Dunham and ... See the Rest

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Jason Biggs’ Twitter Disaster

Ah, the perils of tweeting. If you're a celebrity, Twitter brings you closer to your fans, sure, sure, but it also just might bite you in the ass. How ... See the Rest

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It’s McCarthyism All Over Again! Mindy Kaling Responds to Elle Magazine Cover Backlash

Remember when Melissa McCarthy was featured on the cover of Elle, swaddled in a voluminous grey tent? Because OBVIOUSLY big girls can't be seen ... See the Rest

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Most Adorable Celebrity Twitter Interaction of All Time

Former Breaking Bad cutie Aaron Paul and singer/songwriter/comedian Bo Burnham go all fangirl on each other. ... See the Rest