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Tweets of the Day

  You can follow World of Wonder on Twitter here. (via Jezebel) ... See the Rest

Tom Jane at the Con

Hung star Thomas Jane strolls the exhibition hall at Comic-Con. ... See the Rest

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Addressed to Thrill

WOW Report reader Jeremy Rockerboy emailed me this morning to tell me about a celebrity encounter he had: "I met Die Antwoord yesterday in the most ... See the Rest

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Run, Logan!

So I think I've mentioned my dentist is right in the thick of Rodeo Drive, which I love, it's the only reason I go to him. That and he's REALLY CUTE, ... See the Rest

The Voluptuous Honor of meeting Karen Black

Walking down Hollywood Boulevard with Thairin and Butt magazine's Adam Baran, we all went absolutely mental when we noticed THE Karen Black – yes! – ... See the Rest

Another pic of Levi Johnston at the WeHo parade

(via The Clock Blog) ... See the Rest