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Celebrity Roundup 7/16

All the most buzzworthy celebrities IN THE WORLD, papped for your viewing pleasure!  ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup: All The Most Important Paparazzi Pics of the Day!

In today's celebrity roundup: Conchita Wurst! Shia Labeouf! Zac Efron and his new celebrity BFF! And, omg, Chris Colfer FIRED from Glee? Nutty ... See the Rest

Miley Cyrus rocks a variety of outfits and provocative poses during her Bangerz concert at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam

Celebrity Roundup

In today's celebrity roundup: Miley rides a wiener, Donna Mills werks the red carpet at the Daytime Emmys, and Adam Ant, well, Adam Ant is dressed in ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

Super-excited about today's Celebrity Roundup. It's probably THE MOST FABULOUS GROUP OF CELEBRITIES EVER ASSEMBLED, you're just going to have to trust ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

Hugh Jackman! Drunk Kate Moss! The guy who attacked Brad Pitt! All the biggest stars in the universe are here in ONE BLOG POST! Check them out after ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup: Tyne Daly, Jaclyn Smith, Bo Derek, Aaron Carter & MORE!

All of, erm, TODAY'S HOTTEST STARS! What they're wearing! What they're doing! WHO they're doing! You AREN'T GOING TO BELIEVE how juicy today's ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup

All the really important issues of the day: Anne Hathaway's fashion FAIL, Tom Welling is a sudden DILF, and we need to talk about Rob Lowe for a ... See the Rest

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Celebrity Roundup: Kate Upton, John Malkovich, and Rita Ora’s Big Fashion Fail

Its been a bustling 24 hours in pop culture. Catch up with all your favorite superstars, including a dazzling Kate Upton at the Other Woman premiere, ... See the Rest