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Jon Hamm Talks to Men’s Fitness About How Annoying his Enormous Penis Is (And Drops a “T” Bomb)

Mad Men's Jon Hamm talks to Men's Fitness about his frustration over the continued preoccupation with his huge dick. ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Quote Unquote: Dominic Cooper on Exposing Himself at a Restaurant - World of Wonder

Quote Unquote: Dominic Cooper on Exposing Himself at a Restaurant

Hunky Dominic Cooper appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote the upcoming Need for Speed, and talked about the time his penis fell out at a ... Watch Now


The Takeaway from Last Night’s Game of Thrones: Get it, Ygritte!

FINALLY, after three long seasons, the sloe-eyed virgin of the north, Jon Snow, got laid. And if you strained hard enough at the dark, steam-filled ... See the Rest


Jon Hamm’s Big D*ck = Big Savings

All the recent internet blather (ours included) about the Mad Men star's untethered moose knuckle causing concern on the retro drama's set has ... See the Rest

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Dave Franco’s New Funny or Die Clip

Real Life H-O-R-S-E! with Dave Franco & DeAndre Jordan from Dave Franco The undisputed KING of Funny or Die plays a cutthroat game of ... See the Rest

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In Frank Ocean News

(via uproxx) ... See the Rest

USA ONLY Kellan Lutz takes out the jet ski in Saint Tropez

Birdwatching with Kellan Lutz

(via Just Jared) ... See the Rest


1980s Flashback: Birdwatching with Jon Bon Jovi

In honor of Rock of Ages coming out today, Vulture has a retrospective of the very finest in hair band fashions from the 1980s. They've included this ... See the Rest