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Birdwatching with Avan Jogia

A rather provocative GIF set featuring Avan Jogia and a pair of green shorts after the jump.  ... See the Rest


Josh Hutcherson’s Tale of a Catching Fire Wardrobe Malfunction Is Really Just an Excuse to Run These GIFs

   Josh told MTV News: "So in the scene, Peeta proposed to Katniss. It was good. Actually, funny story: When we shot it, the actual proposal itself ... See the Rest

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Celebrities Adjusting Themselves in Public

Zefron, Hugh Jackman, Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Biebs, the beater, Fergie, and Dustin Hoffman. What. What? Fergie? Yep. Never did figure that ... See the Rest


Birdwatching with Jensen Ackles

Jenson and his Johnson. WOW. (t/y Hilary) ... See the Rest

Antonio Sabato Jr in a Thong

From the upcoming male stripper comedy Balls to the Wall, not to be confused with the upcoming male stripper art-house melodrama Magic Mike. This one ... See the Rest