Condragulations Jamal Sims and Octavius Terry and all the other couples married on this historic occasion. Never thought I would live to see the day.   ... See the Rest

Married On The Grammys: Jamal Sims Tells All

We caught up with Jamal Sims and his soon-to-be hubby Octavius Terry backstage counting down to the unprecedented LIVE! hot matrimonial extravaganza slated to take place smack bang in the middle of tonight's 56th Grammy Awards. With Macklemore and Madonna and who knows who else ... See the Rest

The Seinfelds Hit 14 Years of Wedded Bliss

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Christina Ricci Is a Married Woman

Congrats to the amazing Christina Ricci who married her boyfriend James Heerdegen on Saturday in NYC. The pair met on the set of Christina's failed show Pan Am, he is a dolly grip. So many ... See the Rest

Amber Tamblyn Marries David Cross

OK, I hated her as Emily Quartermaine, but in time she grew on me in other roles. I think the main reason I couldn't completely let her go is ... See the Rest

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