I see London, I see France, I see Kate’s… oh my!

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Michael’s McShnozz

Is this a thing? I hope not. I used to have little inner city boys tag my bald head, and sometimes they included my initials or a likeness of me, but it was all very artistic, of course, and made a statement about post-post-modern urban sprawl or something – but THIS looks like a ... See the Rest

Lindsay’s ‘F.U.’ to the court

Lindsay's contempt for authority should have landed her 90 YEARS in the pokey instead of 90 days. If you watched the live feed of the courtroom proceedings and found it odd that Lindsay kept rubbing her lips and her face, here's why. She was saying a ginormous "FUCK YOU" to the ... See the Rest

Breaking news: Michael Kors has terrifying bellybutton, still manages to attract cute boyfriend

What? You need more copy? Just look at the freakin' picture! I got nothing to say but HOLY CRAP, Y'ALL! Shouldn't he get that thing checked out? Shit is CRAZY, yo. True story: My mother had her belly button removed when she was a child (she keeps it in a jar in the kitchen). I'm ... See the Rest

toe jam

That's Jennifer Garner's foot, and it's awfully odd. It seems like we've noticed this about her before, but every time I see those nutty little piggies of hers, the shock feels fresh. HAMMER TIME! (via Celebslam) ... See the Rest

Whose weirdly dented crotch am I?

Answer after the jump! I'm Paris Hilton's weirdly dented crotch, of course! ... See the Rest