Demi Lovato Turns 21 on Safari

What a great, peaceful way to turn 21. No binge drinking at a club to celebrate turning legal, Demi Lovato hit the "bush" on safari in Kenya to celebrate her big day. ... See the Rest

Madonna speaks on Gaga dance-off and more

Madge talks about her dance-off with Gaga and with her own kids!;-) ... See the Rest

JUST SHARIN by Thairin

Just sharin my Lourdes obsession with you. This is the new video I have been waiting to see. It's the other Madonna "Celebration" video, made by fans, and featuring Lourdes in the "Like A Virgin" wedding dress. Will this be a hot Halloween look this year? I bet See the Rest

The Celebration video

Here it is! Here it is! And it doesn't disappoint! Fashion aside, I could watch granny Madge giving herself a knucklejob ALL DAY. And be sure to watch until the very end to see little Lourdes do her back-flippy thing! Oh, it's all just too fabulous! As I said before: IT'S EASILY ... See the Rest

Madonna is a Balmainiac

So that EPIC! HISTORICAL! MONUMENTALLY FABULOUS! studded minidress that Madonna is wearing in her new video is Balmain, of course. But then you knew that. The whole world is on the Balmain train right now. You're probably ... See the Rest

Another day, another Madonna teaser

And this is the most fabulous one yet. Wearing TWO! -– catch it, TWO! –of today's hottest trends: studs and giganto shoulders. AT ONCE! Also, is that a STUDDED BOW around her neck? It's simply out of control! Are you feeling the fever yet? I don't even like Madonna anymore, and I ... See the Rest

ZOMG! Here’s your new 25-second teaser for the ‘Celebration’ video

Hold onto your hats, kids! The video and album are almost here! Watch Madge's dancers from the "Sticky and Sweet" tour dancing on the set of the "Celebration" video! ... See the Rest

Celebrating Celebration

It's almost here! Madonna's Celebration is less than a month away and a full Web commercial has just been released. Please to enjoy, and try not to wet yourself at the end when you get a brief glimpse of her new video.  ... See the Rest