Back Rolls?: Alyssa Edwards Gets Cartoonified

YouTuber Kimi K animated Alyssa Edwards saying her famous catch phrase "Back rolls?", and I am living! I just wish we could get ALL of Alyssa's Alyssa-isms ... Watch Now

Transformation Tuesday: Nina Bonina Brown Gives Me a “Lady Mouse” Makeover

Nutty Atlanta queen Nina Bonina Brown came to the Transformation studio to showcase her talent for rendering 2-D cartoon images onto faces. It's pretty amazing. She gave me a Minnie Mou.... um, "lady mouse" makeover (don't wan't anger the Disney ... See the Rest

#OldToons: What If Cartoons Looked Their Real Age?

Sad and Useless brings us Russian artist Andrew Tarusov, who created this series of of famous cartoon characters to show us what they'd look ... See the Rest

Music Video OTD: He-Man’s Homosexual Lust and Betrayal in “Mercyful Fate”

He-Man has illicite bathroom sex with Skeletor in the mensroom of Eternia's chicest discotheque. Man-at-Arms is the cuckold who enacts his revenge by shooting his beloved He-Man in the head. This all happens to a rousing cover of Mercyful Fate's throbbing '80s metal classic ... See the Rest

Music Video OTD: Sleater Kinney Rocks Out with Bob’s Burgers Cast in “New Wave”

Tina Belcher: Riot Grrrrl. Makes sense to me. She is a strong, sensual woman, you know. In the video for Sleater Kinney's "New Wave," the band members put on a private performance in Tina's bedroom. Gene and Louise join, and the Belcher kids rock out while the whole thing turns ... See the Rest

Where Are They Now: The Scooby Gang

It's been over 45 years since the Scooby Gang first set out in the Mystery Machine to debunk paranormal activity. See how time has treated Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers—and the eponymous talking Great Dane named Scooby-Doo after the jump. ... See the Rest

11 Amazing Scooby Doo Background Paintings

Oh, those darkened back roads, fetid swamps, windswept moors, and abandoned mansions. As a child, there was nothing scarier than the places the Mystery Machine broke down. That first Scooby Doo series from 1969-1971 was actually pretty amazing. The monsters were terrifying, the ... See the Rest

The Simpsons Killing Off Major Character

Say it ain't so! The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean said they are killing off a major character, so major the actor won an Emmy for ... See the Rest