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11 Amazing Scooby Doo Background Paintings

Oh, those darkened back roads, fetid swamps, windswept moors, and abandoned mansions. As a child, there was nothing scarier than the places the ... See the Rest

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The Simpsons Killing Off Major Character

Say it ain't so! The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean said they are killing off a major character, so major the actor won an Emmy for his voice ... See the Rest

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OMG Must-See: Illustrator Marty Cooper Creates Real-Life Cartoons!

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Storyboard artist, Marty Cooper brings cartoons to life with this adorable and fun photo project! You've gotta click over to see ... See the Rest


Sad Screen Grab OTD: Philip Seymour Hoffman Guest Stars on the PBS Cartoon Arthur

  And the animators NAILED IT. ... See the Rest


Disney Gender Swaps by Miyuli

  I've got the weirdest boner right now. More after the jump. (via Miyuli) ... See the Rest


Jessie J’s New ‘Do

Since Jessie J shaved her head for charity last year, she's been rocking the Susan Powter and it most definitely works on her. Her face is a beaut and ... See the Rest

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Final Comic-Con Roundup

(Photos: Michael Roha) ... See the Rest


Comic-Con Roundup: Day 2

OK. Deep breath. Here we go: Tina, Bob, and Louise; The Human Torch, Red Skull, Captain America, and the Sub Mariner; an alien woman I don't ... See the Rest