Transformations: When James Met James Majesty St James

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It's an all-new episode of Transformations today featuring Seattle-based drag queen James Majesty St James. Wait. WHO? Bitch stole my name. James gives me an "Sea Witch" makeover with a glorious purple face and – something completely new! – side lashes. Huh? EYELASHES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE. Never heard of such a thing. There's also a fun little ... Watch Now

Controversy of the Day: Is Daphne Fat-Shamed in the New Scooby Doo Movie?

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Well, it's ALL ANYONE IS TALKING ABOUT these days, of course. Morning radio was SIMPLY A-CHATTER on my drive to work. Here's the scoop: Warner Bros is coming under MAJOR FIRE for its new direct-to-video release, Frankencreepy, in which the eternally chic-as-fuck Daphne Blake gets 'cursed' during an adventure and is horrified to see her body morph ... See the Rest

Laura Jenkinson’s Super-Amazing Cartoon Lips

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London-based makeup artists Laura Jenkinson uses lipstick to paint cartoon characters on her face, turning her own lips into theirs. It's absolutely adorable.   Despite the images looking painstakingly accurate, Laura says that her method of achieving the look is incredibly simple. 'I find a picture and then just hold it up to the mirror ... See the Rest

39 Hottest Cartoon Characters of All Time

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After a quick canvassing of the WOW office, I've compiled a list of the hottest male cartoon characters EVER. These are the hunks that made us swoon on Saturday morning, who gave us that first PING of gay recognition, and made us dream of lavish cartoon weddings on Fire Island. You might not agree with all of them (I seem to be the only person at ... See the Rest

The Hairless Brian Griffin GIF Shop


"Whyyyy do you have so many nipples?!" – Peter Griffin on Sunday's Family Guy.  ... See the Rest

Comic-Con Roundup: Day 2


OK. Deep breath. Here we go: Tina, Bob, and Louise; The Human Torch, Red Skull, Captain America, and the Sub Mariner; an alien woman I don't recognize; Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King; Russell and Kevin; zombie Barbies; a life-size Henry Cavill of your very own, to have and to hold, to hug and to squeeze; OMG MIND FREEZE. MY BRAIN JUST STARTED ... See the Rest


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Not too long ago, the people at I Love Dust were asked by the Cartoon Network to work with them on a music video for the network's 20th-birthday celebration. What resulted was this trippy epic two-minute video featuring original music from Mad Decent and virtually every character Cartoon Network has had over the past 20 years. Of course, you've ... See the Rest

Hottest Boy of 2012?


I'm in the process of making my annual "Hottest Boys of the Year" list, and so far it's lots of OBVIOUS ones like Harry Styles OF COURSE and the NASA mohawk guy DUH and Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf blah blah blah, but then I realized if we are talking ABSOLUTE PERFECTION there's no one hotter than Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, AM I RIGHT? ... See the Rest