7 Halloween Vinyl Toys by A Large Evil Corporation

Vinyl Toys

A Large Evil Corporation has created these next-level vinyl toys in preparation for Halloween! Click over and check out 7 of our favorites! Also head over to their blog to see more because they keep adding to their spooky collection! ... See the Rest

Carrie vs Jason

Get More: TV Shows, Full Episode Video, Reality TV Shows Watch wowlebrity Noah Levy on The Gossip Table on VH1 weekdays at 9:30AM. ... See the Rest

Ansel Elgort Appreciation Post


I've been gushing about the actor/dancer/model (and son of legendary fashion photographer Arthur Elgort) for AGES now, I'm glad the rest of the world is catching up. Carrie totally sucked, but he was worth the price of admission – I can't wait to see him in the upcoming Divergent ... See the Rest

Viral Video Marketing at Its Most “Frightening”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Viral Video Marketing at Its Most Frightening... - World of Wonder

This was posted already, but in case you missed it... or thought the reactions were real. I eat here at least once a week, but I'm in LA at the moment, so I didn't hear about this in the neighborhood. S'Nice makes the best veggie sandwiches there. Any regular customer or local ... See the Rest

Must Watch Video of the Day: Girl Unleashes Telekinetic Hell at NY Coffee Shop

Video thumbnail for youtube video Must Watch Video of the Day - World of Wonder

This is a must watch. It's the best thing James St. James has seen all day, so he says. Unsuspecting customers of a coffee shop in the West Village in NYC witness a telekinetic meltdown by a young lady, and they freak the hell out! It's hilarious! ... See the Rest

Ansel Elgort and Jamie Campbell Bower are Seventeen‘s Hot Guys of Fall

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The stars of Carrie and Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, respectively, are interviewed in the magazines hot up and comers section. (via JustJaredJr) ... See the Rest

First Look: Carrie

... See the Rest

Up-and-Comer Ansel Elgort in Vogue


Ansel Elgort, son of legendary fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, and star of the Off-Broadway play Regrets (with Alexis Bledel) as well as the upcoming Carrie remake (with Chloe Moretz), is seen here hoofing it with model-of-the-minute Cara Delevigne. Of his upbringing, Ansel ... See the Rest