David Archuleta LIIIIIIIIIED!


Remember all the hullaballoo last month when David Archuleta announced during his Salt Lake City concert that he was giving up show biz to serve God for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints? Well, unless God is a producer in the Philippines, he sure has an odd way ... See the Rest

Well, your first mistake was naming your daughter ‘Montana’

Video thumbnail for youtube video Well, your first mistake was naming your daughter 'Montana' - World of Wonder

Laurence Fishburne's 18-year-old (look-alike) daughter has announced that she will star in her first porno for Vivid Entertainment. Poor Laurence. But you know, you give a girl a stripper name like Montana Fishburne, and then you're surprised when she tells you she wants to be a ... See the Rest

Cody Linley: All grown up!

Forget Me Not - Trailerby dreadcentralWhat's a squeaky clean tween star to do when he's trying to distance himself from the likes of Hannah Montana and Dancing With the Stars? Play a hard-partying stud in a horror movie of course! In Forget Me Not, which premiered at ScreamFest ... See the Rest