Maleficent as Queer Allegory

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Did your gaydar go into overdrive during Maleficent? If so, you aren't the only one. J Bryan Lowder argues in Slate that beyond the extraordinary campiness of Angelina's performance, and of course the drag-friendly costume, the entire script seemed to be infused with queercentric ... See the Rest

The Reviews Are In: Angelina Looks Uh-Maaaa-Zing, But Maleficent is Only So-So


The critics are somewhat divided on Maleficent, the revisionist origin story of Sleeping Beauty's nemesis, starring a cheeky Angelina Jolie and an apparently dull-as-dishwater Elle Fanning. While Jolie's performance has mostly earned critical praise, the same can't be said for ... See the Rest

The Marlene Dietrich Auction Is Coming! The Marlene Dietrich Auction Is Coming!

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The descendants of Marlene Dietrich are auctioning off all the piddly little tchotchkas they say "are just gathering dust" in storage. ... See the Rest

Joan Collins Launches Timeless Beauty Collection for QVC

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Is there anyone on THIS PLANET who embodies the spirit of TIMELESS BEAUTY more than Joan Collins? I think not. The 8o-year-old legend is drawing  from her lifetime of glamour to help launch her own line of beauty products for QVC. According to the Daily Mail, "the actress hopes ... See the Rest

Watch This: The Jacobi Sisters Singing the Disco Hit “Heidi”

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The Jacobi Sisters – three German triplets yodeling the disco hit "Heidi." With their poodles. You GOTTA check this out.  ... See the Rest

Glen Hanson Caricature Shower Curtains


  Thanks to fab artist Glen Hanson you can shower with Karl Lagerfeld, The Golden Girls, and/or Miranda Priestly. Available on ebay. That's all. ... See the Rest

It’s All About Knowing When to Leave

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You go, girl.  Like, really... GO! (via Ben Ryan YouTube)   ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Gina Gershon

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"I think gays like me because of Showgirls and because of Bound, those two movies...I dunno, spoke to them and they liked me from there.  And I think gays--when you have them as a fan base, they are loyal, extremely loyal -- I think after that, they were there."-- Gina Gershon to ... See the Rest