Cameo Ho

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Remember when RuPaul was on Ryan Murphy's first show Popular? I loved that show, and I REALLY loved that RuPaul turned out to be Mary Cherry's daddy! Click here for clips of more of RuPaul's cameos in The Brady Bunch Movie, But I'm a Cheerleader, Ugly Betty, Sabrina The Teenage ... See the Rest

The Kate Moss Cameo on AbFab

Patsy sits with Kate, Stella McCartney, and David Gandy at a bar. Hilarity ensues. (via Daily Fashion) ... See the Rest

Got Milk?

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New Year's Day can often be a bit of a letdown, but today I whiled away the hours trawling my favorite new blog If It's Hip, It's Here.  There are so many good things here that I have already shamelessly plundered, but here are two more: Carved Oreos by Judith G Klausner and ... See the Rest