Justin Bieber Wants Us To “Look” At Him Naked On A Yacht

WOAH. I repeat. WOAH. Justin Bieber is apparently trying to break the Internet. Or trying to tell us all that he's a bottom. Either way, he just posted a nude photo of his impressive backside on See the Rest

#Ouchy: Various Things We Got Stuck In Our Collective Penises, Vaginas & Butts This Year

Deadspin has a charming, informative holiday tradition I'm subscribing to this year; their annual compendium of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety ... See the Rest

Britain’s National Treasure Bares Her Bum

While I'm talking about my Brits, the Queen must be so proud of Jodie Marsh. Jodie decided to bare her bum for a change (usually it's her massive knockers) on Twitter with the caption, ... See the Rest

Etsy Is Magical

There is a chance you may not know what Etsy.com is. Etsy is basically an eBay for artisans where they sell their handmade wares and it's quite fabulous. It's my go-to ... See the Rest

Butt is back

After a brief hiatus Butt magazine relaunched their website yesterday.  Have you taken a look? Check out the new stuff like Fag Maps, Sex Reviews, and the new Club ... See the Rest

Hi! I am a Sex Education Demo Butt!

Found on Etsy, of course. The description reads: "Hi! I am a fabric demonstration tool for sex educators teaching about the butt! I am ... See the Rest

Take your butt to the beach

Butt Magazine collaborated with American Apparel on five limited edition summer ... See the Rest

How is this ass even possible on a women her age?

Omg, don't even get me started on what age Madonna is – or claims to be. Let's just agree for the sake of argument that she is somewhere in her early-to-mid 50s. Even factoring in good genes, exercise and butt-injections, ... See the Rest