SPIKE THE DOG! Bella Mae, a three-year-old bulldog from Oklahoma, learned a lesson she probably won't forget after she tangled with a porcupine and was left with 500 quills stuck in her face

Late last month, Bella Mae the bulldog was playing near a pond on her owners' property in Oklahoma when a porcupine ambled up and didn't want to play, thank you, and Bella got a faceful of 500 quills. In her head and feet too. She underwent surgery to have most of them removed, but some have remained lodged. She is currently recovering. And you ... See the Rest

French Bulldog Puppy Fights Door Spring

Video thumbnail for youtube video French Bulldog Puppy Fights Door Spring - World of Wonder

Damned menacing door springs. Good thing the attack dog is on the case. It was only a matter of time before that door spring would wreak havoc all over the place. On another note, what the hell is with this "Home Pet Euthanasia" advertisement that comes up when you watch the video? Really?! They come to your house and kill your pet? Talk about a ... See the Rest

Joe and Winston: A Dog Day Afternoon

Here's the multitasking Joe Jonas carrying his new bulldog puppy Winston home from a trip to Whole Foods in LA, while also obligingly presenting his penis area to photographers and passersby, bless him. (Photo via   ... See the Rest