SPIKE THE DOG! Bella Mae, a three-year-old bulldog from Oklahoma, learned a lesson she probably won't forget after she tangled with a porcupine and was left with 500 quills stuck in her face


Late last month, Bella Mae the bulldog was playing near a pond on her owners' property in Oklahoma when a porcupine ambled up and didn't want to play, ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video French Bulldog Puppy Fights Door Spring - World of Wonder

French Bulldog Puppy Fights Door Spring

Damned menacing door springs. Good thing the attack dog is on the case. It was only a matter of time before that door spring would wreak havoc all ... See the Rest

Joe and Winston: A Dog Day Afternoon

Here's the multitasking Joe Jonas carrying his new bulldog puppy Winston home from a trip to Whole Foods in LA, while also obligingly presenting his ... See the Rest