#GoodJeans: What Comes Between Kendall Jenner & Her Calvins…?


Nothing now. Following in the footsteps of Kate Moss and Brooke Shields, Kendall Jenner is the new face (and ass) of Calvin Klein ... See the Rest

Oscar Power Couples Throughout the Years

Screen shot 2012-02-24 at 11.26.55 AM

The 1950s: The 1960s: 1970s: 1980s: 1990s: The 2000s: (via BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest

Somebody needs to build a better internet

This is bananas. If Michael Jackson can turn the web into a stuttering, scratchy old record player, what will happen when NYC is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust? Or a tsunami wipes out Australia? WOULD EVERYBODY PLEASE GET ... See the Rest